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You play as Whodunit, the famous detective, and you try to resolve the murder of Lord Rex Carrington. 

Inspect the objects and have thoughts, anytime you come across a full name you will unlock the Personality of the person behind the name. (use the scroll wheel of the mouse to change personality). You're the only one on the scene, so having multiple personalities is the only way to resolve this !

With your new personality, you can have new thoughts about the things around you, and new abilities. Look for a guilty person, and the murder weapon, and make an accusation.  This is a very quickly made game for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2019, and even though you can finish the game, it may be a little broken. 

Have fun!

Made by Grégoire Delzongle, Joseph Roussin & Fred Cham on Unity


DetectiveWhoDunit.zip 369 MB

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